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Final Assembly – Term Four

A time where the whole College community comes together at an assembly to farewell the Year 12’s.  Following the Year 12’s  surrounded by the College community are farewelled with a symbolic finale`.

Thornlie Christian College Year 12 Final

Valedictory Service and Dinner – Term Four

A wonderful evening where the Year 12 students and their families share an evening together over a meal, reflect on past years and acknowledge those that have served the College Leadership or in others areas of service.

Senior School River Cruise – Term Three

A night for all of the Senior School students to enjoy cruising the river on the CUBE,  dancing and enjoying pizza.

College Senior Ball – Term Two

A night of glam and glitter.  A night to dress up In your ball gowns and tuxedos and dance the night away to your favourite music.

Leavers Retreat – Term Four

A time to chill out and wind down with your friends after a long and busy year. Three days packed with fun filled activities and time to fellowship together. Lots of sun, swimming, sandboarding, sunbaking, super food and sleep (a little).

Thornlie Christian College Year 12 Retreat

Student Leadership Opportunities

Student Council

Consists of two elected representatives from each Form Class to represent their Form on the Student Council. The Council meets once a month and provides an opportunity for representatives to bring issues of concern and suggestions to make the College a better place. Student Councillors are also involved in running assemblies and other associated duties.

Choir Leaders

Choir Leaders are chosen after a choir member has served three years in the College Choir and performed in Music Productions and been involved in a leadership capacity at the Music Camps.


A position of responsibility and provides an important connection between the students and the staff. Responsible for setting the tone amongst the student body and for demonstrating and living by example the Core Values of the College in their daily lives as well as encouraging them in other students.  An opportunity to “serve”,  leadership development and to enhance student “leadership qualities” as a stepping stone for greater leadership opportunities in  the future.

Chairpersons of Committees

Every Prefect also has a Chairperson role of a particular committee. Entertainment and Functions,  Fundraising,  Social Concerns and Environment,  Publications, Worship and Sport.  Each organise events and activities pertaining to their area of responsibility.

Members of Committees

Selected students with are willing to serve on a committee help with the associated duties.  They can be students in Year 10-12.

House Captains and Vice House Captains

Work with the Sports Captain to organise and run House Sporting events and carnivals and other Inter House events.

Heads of the Student Council

Two students who are elected to run the Student Council meetings once a month and  look after other events that are run by the Student Council

Yr 12 Senior Status

All Year 12’s are given Senior Status

Leavers Jacket Committee

An elected committee involved in designing, and organising the making of the Yr 12 Leavers Jackets

Yr7/12 Buddies 

Workplace Learning

Workplace Learning is an endorsed program developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority which  allows students to develop transferable skills through work experience in the workplace. It helps students make better career choices; improve opportunities for part-time work and gain extra points for TAFE entry.

Staff Mentoring

All Year 12 students have a staff mentor to guide them through the rigors of Year 12, to chat over a meal and to pray with them.


Thornlie Christian College Year 12 Art