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Personal Development Day At The Beach – Term Two

Great time to get to know others in your year group that are in the same House.  Working in house teams to achieve a common goal. 

Pipe and water activity, skeetas, tug-o-war, build a bunker.

Thornlie Christian College Year 9 PD Day

Middle School Dance – Term Two

A night for all of the Year 7, 8, 9 to dress up and enjoy dancing and having lots of fun in the photo booth.

New Year Nine Electives

Students in Year 9 have the opportunity of choosing their electives. Over the year they will study two of The Arts and two of the Technology and Enterprise subjects.

The Arts

  • Music  Maker
  • Make me a DJ
  • Drawing and Design
  • Ceramics
  • Drama
  • Production and Design
  • Dance
  • Media (Photography and Film)

Technology and Enterprise

  • Design and Technology
  • CAD  drawing
  • Textiles and Design
  • Jewellery Making
  • Food and Culture

Completion of Middle School Luncheon – Term Four

What a way to end your days in the Middle School by celebrating with a special luncheon at Sizzlers and you get to dress up for the occasion.

Form Challenges – Obstacle Course, Brain Bender, Team Building

Form Challenges – These Inter-Form challenges help develop team work, bonding with the Form and make Form time fun. The obstacle course was a timed challenge using the adventure playground; the team building involved students trying to achieve set goals as a group; and the brain bender involved st. answer quiz questions in groups. The Form that was able to beat the other two Forms received a confectionary prize.

Thornlie Christian College Year 9 Form Challenge

Form Breakfasts

he aim of this is to increase cohesion across Form groups and to encourage social interactions around food.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Student Council

Consists of two elected representatives from each Form Class to represent their Form on the Student Council. The Council meets once a month and provides an opportunity for representatives to bring issues of concern and suggestions to make the College a better place. Student Councillors are also involved in running assemblies and other associated duties.


Thornlie Christian College Year 9 Art