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Shaun Tan Award (7-12)

Have an opportunity to get published in Black and White and Read All Over magazine (Year 7-12)

Be involved or a part of the Art and Fashion Show/Open Day exhibition

Art Club

Being involved in exhibitions is a key component to being an artist, so every opportunity for exposure is given to art students at Thornlie Christian College, through our own Art Show and Open Day, mini shows in our college library, our college Art and Writing magazine “Black and White and Read All Over”, and any competitions we hear about which are students are eligible for.

Sculptures by the Sea excursion – Year 10

The Sculptures by the Sea excursion at Cottesloe Beach in every March works to inspire students to create their own unique sculptures and also brings them into direct contact with the artists who made them through the available workshops.

Literature and Illustration Workshop (Year 11)

Perspectives Art show at the Art Gallery of Western Australia (Year 11/12)

The Perspectives show which is a free exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia is an annual event which showcases Year 12 art from the previous school year from all around WA. It is a great inspiration for current students to see what others their age can achieve.

Thornlie Christian College Art

  • Pregnancy and childbirth learning experiences that include demonstrations from midwives, mums and a hospital visit (incursion and excursions) BABIES!
  • Learning about early child development and infant care through the hands-on and practical use of Simulated babies BABIES!
  • Learning about their own early development – scrapbooking (craft).
  • Playdates with mums and bubs – students are involved in planning, setting up and interacting with the children and mums (incursion)
  • Making items for infants and children that enhance their learning and development (toys, books, dolls) (craft)
  • Assisting in the Kindy and interacting with the children in a learning and play environment Learning experiences about cultural difference – visiting (excursion)  the Coolabaroo Child care centre (excursion)
  • Reaching out into the community and helping with the “Toddler Jam” fun play time of dance, movement and stories (excursion)
  • Becoming immersed in issues related to children in the local community – learning difficulties, obesity, child care centres, and community Centres – excursion to Armadale Family Community Centre – changes in family structure. (excursion)

Year 11

What can you expect in 2017 in Children Family and Community

We will learn about the physical changes that take place when a woman becomes pregnant, how she can protect and give optimal care to the unborn child. We will learn about the birthing process through first hand accounts of midwives and mothers. This will include an excursion to a maternity ward.

We will explore the environmental and biological factors that affect a child when growing up and go into detail to understand the five areas of development physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Scrapbooking is used to help to illustrate each student’s’ own growth journey. 

Families are the best place for babies to be nurtured and cared for. We look at the changing nature of families today and the values that promote a healthy environment for growth and development. We explore social issues and how the local community support families. This excursion will take us out to the Community Centres. To better understand the implications of culture upon children in their early years we will visit the Coolabaroo Child Care Centre.

The importance of Play in a child’s life cannot be underestimated. It is the way learning takes place. Students will be introduced to the different types of play and how it enhances development. They will be able to use their skill and understanding to make toys or educational activities to share with the pre-primary students. Access and  interaction with the kindy students will provide our students will ample hands- on experience and real life insights. 

Year 12

The Children Family and Community year 12  students will expand on their foundational knowledge of early child development and look more closely at the principals of development, self concept and self- esteem, and  how children learn. The economic, technological and political influences on families.

Issues of social justice will be explored in relation to families. To discover where inequities exist and how some processes for meeting needs are provided through the community. A strong emphasis will be on exploring different perspectives, rights and responsibilities, and ethical decision making. 

We will explore learning theories which are currently used throughout education and how they are applied in childcare, early learning centres and in the promotion of children’s products. The students will be involved in developing lessons for the pre-primary students and present them in the kindy classroom.

To build on student’s understanding of infants they will move on to toddlers and some of the issues that caring for children involve such as nutrition, health, immunisation, emotional health and safety of children. Current issues will feature that provide students with greater insights into factors that affect families today, for example, working/non-working parents, parenting styles,  childcare, types of families and influences on children’s social, emotional and cognitive development. 

Students will be immersed in hands-on collaborative projects such as creating lessons, and running a health expo for younger children, creating care-packages and developing their understanding of advocacy. Their excursions and incursions will be specifically chosen to compliment and give opportunity for authentic learning for these topics. For example: a visit to Pregnancy Problem House.   

Beyonce Dance

Pencil Box

This project is the culmination of learning and practicing how to measure, mark, cut and nail timber together.

Pot Stand / Chopping Board

Allows students to practice the chiselling skills they have learnt. It also introduces students to working with both Hard and Soft woods.


Students have the chance to apply some of their own design and style aspects to this project. This projects allows students to experience the pleasure and satisfaction of building something and then using it.

Beach Chair

Having had a brief introduction to working with Hardwood students now use this timber to make their chair. This project allows students to consolidate the skills they have learnt so far.

Bottle Rocket Car

This task introduces students to the concepts of investigate, design, build and evaluate. Students have to build a bottle rocket car and test it to make sure it travels the predetermined distance.

Two Step Ladder

We use this project to introduce students to a variety of power tools and their correct use.

Design and Build Laptop Tray

Design and Build using recycled materials.

Design and Build a Carry All.

Design and build projects.

All these task require students to look at products that are readily available, determine what aspects of these products are suitable to their clients requirements. Then taking these ideas they must come up with a design idea then construct it. The final aspect of each task is to reflect and evaluate on how the project went.

Design and Build Occasional/ Feature

Design and Build MP3 Mono Amplifier


Students are given an overview of the basic construction and working principles of an engine. We learn how to change a tyre, conduct a safety check of a motor vehicle and learn some basic preventative checks and inspections.

Design and Build Skateboard Deck

Students have the chance to apply some of their own design and style aspects to this project. This projects allows students to experience the pleasure and satisfaction of building something and then using it.

Middle School Drama Production

Gives the students in Years 7-9 a chance to display their God-given gifts for performance, and apply what they learn in class.

Design and Production backstage tour of State Theatre Center

This is to show the ‘inner workings’ of a professional theatre. It will be just one of the great activities in the new Year 9: Design and Production course.

Theatre excursion to Don Russell to see “Happy Birthday Melanie” (17 March) – Year 10 to 12

It is a requirement of the courses in Year 10-12 that students have the ability to interpret a ‘live’ performance

Drama Production (Term 2) – Year 10

Where all the class-work becomes practice.

Theatre excursion to “Endgame” at Heath Ledger Centre – Year 10 to 12

Senior Drama Production. Gives the students in Years 10-12 a chance to display their God-given gifts for performance, and apply what they learn in class.

Performance at Subiaco Arts Center for YOH Fest (August) – Year 10

This is a wonderful opportunity for students to perform in front of other Drama students from other Perth schools.

Did you know that Drama wasn’t just about acting?

Many students who continue in Drama throughout their formative years end up in industries that have nothing to do with acting. In all walks of life, the abilities you obtain by studying Drama stay with you as you define your own path.

Here are just some of the examples of careers forged through the participation in Drama:

  • Actor
  • Arts Administrator
  • Lighting Technician
  • Sound Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Make-Up Artist
  • Scenographer, builder
  • Drama, Primary or English Teacher
  • Therapist
  • Television Production Assistant
  • Producer
  • Stage Manager
  • Cinematographer
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Radio Presenter/Producer
  • Youth and Community Worker
  • Personal Manager
  • Social Worker
  • Journalist
  • Charities Administrator
  • Events Manager/Coordinator
  • …and many more

Fashion Parade

Fashion Show

All students get the opportunity to showcase their unique and creative garments made throughout the year.  Modelling their garments build confidence and boosts their self-esteem.

Digital Fashion Magazine

Created by our students for the student garments made throughout the year and also to reflect on the activities and operations in class. The student with the most creative garment gets the honour of appearing on the cover page of our yearly magazine.

Design and create a wearable art garment

Enter into Apex Teenage designer competition

We challenge our students to build on their sewing skills and use their creativity to design and create something extraordinary. This is a national competition for teenagers and have really good prizes including Bernina sewing machines for state winners in the different categories.

Certificate II in Fashion

Excursion to APEX WA State final Competition

Students get the opportunity to be motivated and appreciate the designs of other students across the state. They also reflect on what they have achieved and how they can build on their skills and creativity in future.

Excursions to different places in the Textiles Industry

Authentic learning and meeting criteria set by south Metropolitan TAFE. Gives students a better understanding of what can be expected in the industry and possible job opportunities available.

Possible work experience with Jonté Designs, local designer

Students have the advantage of first hand experience within the fashion industry. TCC is very fortunate to have an arrangement with Jonte Designs as not many opportunities like this are available to students. Students always return from work placement very inspired and motivated. Often this will influence their decision to continue with a career in fashion.

Textiles and Design

Explore various Textile Art and printing techniques

Design and have your own fabric printed in the USA

Students learn how to apply their knowledge of design elements and principles using their creativity. The reward for the best Textiles surface design is to have the student’s fabric printed in the USA. This may lead to students starting their own small businesses.

Jewellery and Design

Explore various jewellery making techniques

Students apply their knowledge of design elements and principles. They learn how to accessorise making their own affordable costume jewellery.  Being creative builds confidence and self-esteem.

Creative Sewing and Textiles

Most passionate student in Year 10 receives a sewing machine

This is the biggest award a Year 10 student can work towards.  It is yearly awarded to the student who shows an absolute love and passion for sewing and who has the perseverance to continue trying his or her utmost to excel and stand out.

Design and create your own garment

Students develop sewing skills and design skills and get the opportunity to showcase their creative talents. Very successful Fashion students get the opportunity to do work experience with a local designer and often continue a career in the fashion industry.

Excursion to fabric suppliers

Students get the opportunity to apply their knowledge of fabrics and fibres in making informed and responsible decisions choosing fabric and haberdashery from what is available in retail. Students learn to calculate and buy the correct meterage of fabric needed.

Incursion – Learn to do professional fashion drawings

Cert II Fashion students only do working drawings or technical sketches as part of their course.   Having them to do fashion sketches is enriching and challenges them above and beyond what is expected.  Students love the freedom of expressing themselves as the technical drawings need to be very precise and industry specific.

Having fashion designers visiting the College put students in touch with the fashion industry.

Sewing for charity

In Year 10 and 11 students get the opportunity to sew for charity. We cleverly combine the different sewing processes recommended in a garment for little children which then are donated to Cambodian children. Students learn to master different yarn crafts and knit little teddy bears for the Salvo’s Christmas Appeal.

In year 10 students learn how to prepare meals, and work to an industry standard.

In year 11 the students get to demonstrate and practice their cooking, serving and barista skills through their work in IL Modo Bistro.

In year 12 the students have the opportunity to manage and run the Bistro and also develop skills for training the younger students in all aspect of hospitality.

Certificate II in Information Digital Media & Technology

Photography & Photojournalism

The students explore the world of photojournalism. This year the theme was ‘Images of the Decade’. The imaginary issue had a series of articles on images that are representative of a particular decade. Through this project the students learn the basics of using a DSLR, understand the basics of lighting, and how to best compose photographs.

Interactive Media

Through the use of Adobe Flash the students produce interactive sequences based on a set brief, and Target Audience.

Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media)

Multicam Editing

Students shoot a 3 camera project, and learn how to edit using the multicam technique. This is a technique used in the film industry, that develops their camerawork skills, and teamwork skills.

Chroma Keying

Students learn a 3 point lighting system, and how the technique of chroma keying/green screening works. Through various projects they learn how to adjust the white balance on the video cameras, and how to apply and manipulate the filters when editing.

Hands on experience filming events

All students get the opportunity to film some of the events at the College. Being involved in a real life event, and a “one-shot” opportunity, it definitely requires the students to quickly develop their confidence with using the equipment.

Create Movie Trailers/Dramas

Students further develop their film making techniques planning, shooting, and editing movie trailers. They have to develop their teamwork skills in order to be successful with large projects like this.

Introduction to Digital Systems

Students are introduced to digital systems, in particular how they represent text, image and audio data. The students will learn binary, and ASCII. They learn how ASCII codes represent text in computers, and how to work out 8 character binary numbers.


The students learn what podcasting is, and the benefits of creating, and subscribing to podcasts. They develop new software skills using GarageBand. Podcasting allows students to develop several important skills such as researching, writing, speaking effectively and, grabbing the user’s attention. Click here for a demo podcast.

App Game Design

Students mock up the product design of a game to meet a particular brief, and Target Audience. Through market research they develop a deeper understanding of how complex game design really is, designing the interface, and planning how the game works.

Desktop Publishing Skills (Menu Creation)

Students further develop their Desktop Publishing skills by producing a themed restaurant menu. They develop a deeper understanding of producing a product for a particular Target Audience, and Purpose.

Website Creation

Students explore the world of web design, and they learn what is involved when producing a website from the design stage, through the production, and to the final testing stages. Using the Adobe suite, they also develop some basic HTML and CSS coding knowledge.

App User Interface Design

Students mock up the product design of an app for people with a disability. They develop their eye for design, whilst ensuring the features of the app meet a particular brief.

Flash Animation

Students learn the basic 2D animation techniques, including producing frame-by-frame animation, and using tweens. They produce advertisements for a particular target audience.

Advanced Photoshop

Students are exposed to “retouched” photos in the media on a daily basis, and the importance of understanding how much of what they see is not to be believed is a huge topic. During this project they begin to understand the techniques that are used to manipulate photos.

The West Australian – Design an Ad competition (Graphic Design)

Through analysing existing print ads, and understanding the advertising strategies of companies the students learn how to produce effective print adverts. Not only this, but this competition uses real life briefs, all of which challenge the students to meet the requirements.

History of Animation & Early Animation Techniques

Students learn the history of animation, where it started, and the progression it has made to the animated films they see at the movies today. The students create some of the early animations such as the Zoetrope and the thaumatrope.

Stop frame & Flash Animation

Students learn the techniques required to produce high quality animations using Adobe Flash, clay, and lego. They start to understand the time, and patience needed to produce this type of animation, and develop their skills in moving characters, lighting, and teamwork.

Website Design

Students explore website design on a deeper level. They produce a lot of the website using HTML, understanding the tags to use for different elements, and learn some basic javascript.

Certificate III in Media

ATOM 1 minute film Competition

Students participate in real life competitions run by ATOM. They provide a strict brief for the students to follow, and it gives them real life deadlines. The students develop a lot of time management skills throughout this project. This year the theme was ‘Diversity’.


Students explore the world of digital storytelling, through the student produced TV show SWITCH. The students are allocated roles for each show, and they research their stories, interview students, edit their segments, and combine the final show. They develop a lot of Film & TV Techniques throughout these projects.

Presenting Information to the Camera

A huge part of this course is developing techniques to correctly present to the camera. After research, and practice, the students go on an excursion to Fremantle and film Vox Pops with the public. This is a great project to develop their confidence.


Middle School to Senior School

More interactive activities for Education Perfect online language learning  programs – which not only makes vocabulary learning fun but presents grammar comprehension and concepts as well as cultural information more interesting. Looking forward to many more exciting online language learning interactive activities in the classroom.

Culture Research collaborative projects

In their cultural research projects, students get to know more about Indonesia and the region. For example they learn about spices when they research and present – ‘The Spice Trade’, about ‘ikat’ and ‘batik’ when researching on ‘Ethnic Dress’ or more about the Eastern Indonesian islands when they create adventure travel brochures of these places.

Menu Creation Projects – Food tasting and sharing in Terms 3/4

This is usually the favourite topic among the Year 9 students where not only they work in groups to create a menu of their restaurant/cafe in a city in Indonesia but they can also hone in their culinary skills and are encouraged to be adventurous in their preparation and sharing of Asian or Indonesian foods with the class.

Malaysian Tour – Years 10, 11 and 12

After three successful Malaysian Tours in 2011, 2013 and 2015, we are introducing a study tour to Indonesia – TCC Study Tour to Yogyakarta. We will be working with ACICIS (Australian Consortium of In-country Studies to Indonesia) which has been organizing study tours for the last twenty years from the universities, Murdoch and UWA.

Following an informative meeting with the representative early this term, we are in the planning process of introducing The College Study Tour to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Tentatively, this is scheduled towards the end of Term 3, 2017.

More information will be provided early in 2017. Meanwhile here is the link website to visit for a general idea on how the tour will be like.

Year 8

In Year 8, students work on refining their listening skills working on various styles of music. The student creates musical arrangements of four different music genre using Garage Band.

An Evening of Music

Thornlie Christian College Evening of Music

Lunch Concerts

Summer Concerts

Music Camp

Make Me a DJ

You will learn the role of a DJ, music styles and basic mixing skills.

You will build your own mix including using some special effects.

There will be a class competition to find the coolest DJ!

Compose a Musical Arrangement

Using Garageband & Logic Pro X you will create your own musical arrangement of a song or an orchestral work. A fun and challenging way to create your own songs, including recording with live instruments.

Ukulele Ensemble

Through the ukulele, you will learn and read simple notation and chords to play in an ensemble. These skills will lay the foundation for you to build on.

Interschool Carnivals & Sports

Athletics Carnival

Cross Country Carnival

Swimming Carnival