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Biblical Studies

Buddy classes

In our senior school, as part of our ‘buddy program’ we give an opportunity for all year 11 students to serve a student in year 6, getting to know them and helping them with projects. This carries on into Year 12, where senior students are paired with a Year 7 student to help them transition into the middle school. It is a wonderful support for the Year 7s to know that there is someone in the school looking out for them.


(Year 9) Excursion to State Parliament and courtroom and experiencing a live session of parliament sitting and court in session

As part of the Year 9 HASS syllabus on Civics and Citizenship, Students will get an opportunity to not only tour the West Australian State Parliament but to witness a live sitting of our Parliamentarians debating and deliberating on Bills.  The excursion is made even more meaningful as The Member for Southern River, Mr Peter Abetz has always  made it a point to meet and answer questions students may have with regards to politics.

Beside the opportunity to visit the Francis Burt education centre housed at the Old Courthouse Museum, students can also look forward to witnessing a live session of either a District or Supreme court in session. This truly is a memorable experience as students get to experience first hand how the courts in WA actually work and in the process, dispelling many of the myths they may have regarding lawyers and courts perpetuated in American movies and TV sitcoms.


MangaHigh (Play Math – Love Math) is one of the world’s first games-based learning sites, where students learn Mathematics via purpose built casual games that balance fun and learning. The educational content within Mangahigh is based on the Australian Curriculum and is delivered through its proprietary educational games. Each game covers certain learning topics and is designed to dynamically adapt in difficulty to the ability of the student in order to make the experience engaging, entertaining and personal. You can explore Mangahigh by clicking on the following link:


Middle School Extension Programme

The purpose is to challenge the critical and creative skills of our capable students in English and HASS Learning Areas. Entering writing competitions and History Challenge will help develop the abilities of our students.

English Week

This is an annual week set aside to have fun with the English Language. We play games with words in our classes and the fun culminates with the Spellathon Championship and Creative Writing Awards.

Year 10.1 English Excursion

This attendance at a performance of the Shakespearean play, ‘The Merchant of Venice’ is aimed at extending our students who are studying the play. It is performed by the highly acclaimed Bell Shakespeare company and students are in for a treat


National Science Week

Year 8 and 10 high achievers compete in a written National Science competition, BIG Science, which makes them eligible for recognition and prizes.

Dried Ice – Ice cream

Paper plane throwing competition

Thornlie Christian College Paper Plane

Middle School Science Quiz

In 2017, as part of National Science week, we also plan to run the first ever Thornlie Christian College Science fair where students will be working on Long Term projects and presenting them at the Fair. The fair will be open to family, friends and the College community showcasing the students work in Science.

Emphasis on Science Inquiry in all year groups where students are regularly involved in group work and collaborative investigations developing key skills in teamwork, problem solving and communication.

Students regularly exposed to current Scientific literature and cutting edge technology by educators passionate about STEM.

Engaging projects such as pop stick bridges, natural disaster picture books and egg drop investigation.

Science Excursions

Animal Classification at Perth Zoo

Thornlie Christian College Perth Zoo

Conocophillips Science Experience

Two high achievers attend the Conocophillips Science Experience at Curtin University over 4 days with Rotary sponsorship.

Science Careers incursion (Sci Tech) & Gravity Discovery Center

Year 11 & 12 Integrated Science General: Fieldwork with SERCUL

Human Biology: Primates at the Perth Zoo