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Grandparent’s Day

We invite Grandparents to come into PP and share a morning of activities with their Grandchild. The Grandparents are invited to bring in any old photos and artifacts to share what life was like when they were a child. We then give the Grandparents a special lunch that the children prepared for them and have a picnic together outside.

Thornlie Christian College Perth Pre Primary

Mother’s Day Morning

In Kindy and Pre-Primary we celebrate our Mums by inviting them in for a morning of fun and pampering. Some of the activities include, nail polish, make up, bubbles, painting, play-dough, drawing, and reading. We finish the morning off with a special morning tea for the mums baked by our own Kindy and PP children.

Father’s Night

We invite our Dad’s for an evening to see what their children do in Pre-Primary. The Dad’s join in with a number of fun activities and then enjoy a special treat of an ice-cream sundae.

100 Days of School celebration

We count each day we have been in Pre-Primary and then when we reach 100 days we have a special morning of celebrating being 100 days Smarter. Each child is presented with a special certificate to congratulate them on being 100 days smarter. We do a number of fun activities and then have a yummy party lunch together with a “100 Days Smarter” cake.

Thornlie Christian College 100 Days

21st Century Learning

The Walker Learning Approach is a pedagogy founded on years of evidenced-based Australian Research about how children learn best through active, hands on, investigation alongside explicit instruction. It promotes explicit teaching and development of not only literacy and numeracy skills, and knowledge, but a range of important social, emotional, and life skills. The Walker Learning Approach involves running an ‘Investigation Block’ where children are able to choose where they are going to work and what they will be working on to meet the set Learning Intentions.

Pet Day

Thornlie Christian College Pet