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Learning Journey 2017 – STEAM Challenges

Throughout 2017, students will participate in STEAM activities. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The goal of STEAM is to provide students with real-world problem solving opportunities. STEAM allows students to think outside the box with project-based learning. The children will be working on a number of exciting STEAM projects in 2017. Students will learn to Design, Plan, Build, Observe, Communicate and Reflect and working in teams. All these are 21st century skills, important for our current society. At the end of term 1, the school community will be invited to view our projects during our Learning Journey: STEAM Challenges.

Book reading challenge

Fathering Project

A new initiative from the school we are fostering a community of fathers and fathering figures who can meet regularly to discuss relevant topics and hold events for fathers and their children.

Edu Dance

Edu-Dance is a creative hip-hop dance program designed for primary school students developed in Perth, Western Australia.

It provides children with the opportunity to be part of a fun and energetic dance program within their own school community.

PIA  Family Dance

XL Extension Program (TAGS – Talented & Gifted Students)

Each year, a number of students from Year 3 to Year 6 are selected to participate in the XL Extension Program. The students work on projects in the areas of Numeracy and Literacy in small groups and they present these projects on Open Day.

Primary School Chapel

Every fortnight, the Primary School gathers together to worship God and be encouraged by the Word of God. It is so wonderful giving the students the opportunity in participating and leading the Chapel Services.

Thornlie Christian College Primary Chapel