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TCC’s New Solar PV System

The new solar system has been installed on the roof of the Multi-Purpose Hall, Science Block and Library here at Thornlie Christian College. The system consists of 317 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and a whole fleet of “behind the scenes” electrical equipment.

There are 33 solar panels on the Library, 132 panels on the Science block and a whopping 152 panels on the Hall – wow!

With all these sunlight collectors, the system produces up to nearly 100 kW of solar power to help meet the College’s electricity needs, reducing the amount of electricity that we draw from the main electricity grid by nearly 30%.

By converting the sun’s energy into usable electricity, the College will be generating around 156,274 kWh of renewable energy each year. As a result we will avoid 97 tonnes of CO2 that we would usually produce every year (the equivalent to planting more than 62 trees!)

Thornlie Christian College Perth Campus

Since installation this year the following yields have been generated over 27,388 KWh of power;

The Multi-Purpose Hall panels has generated 15,704 KWh

The Science Block has generated 7,660.60 KWh

The Library has generated 4024.84 KWh

In terms of continuous operation time 1 kWh of energy equates to:

  • 2 days use of a small compact fluorescent lamp
  • 10 hrs use of television
  • 5 hrs of PC time
  • 70 minutes of microwave oven use
  • 4 minutes of domestic boiler at continuous full power
  • 100 seconds of a small car at continuous full power

Sneak Peek for 2017

Building for 2017

We are pleased to announce that we are currently in the tendering process for the building of the College’s New Media Centre.

Christian School Perth Campus

The Centre will contain state of the art functionality, consisting of two massive General Leaning Areas and two breakout areas with a dedicated film studio containing an infinity wall (see below), a visual control room and storage areas.

Private Christian School Perth Campus

Air Conditioning

The College is currently in the process of upgrading air conditioners throughout the College over the next 5 years.

Multi-Purpose Hall

The Multi-Purpose Hall is having an auditorium upgrade including new staging, sound and projector upgrade to enhance student performances.

Adventure Playground

While the New Adventure playground may appear to have been completed, there are plans over the holidays for a Cubby House to be built over the current sand pit.

Shade Cloths in Primary

The shade clothes in the Primary area will also be replaced over the break.

Central Oval

As part of the College Maintenance program over Christmas Holidays, we have decided to seriously attempt to eradicate the infestation of Parramatta Grass on the central oval.

The process will mean that the oval will look very patchy, dry and unhealthy for a short period of time. Please rest assured this is all part of the process.

Private School Perth Campus

On behalf of myself and my teams in IT, Finance, Maintenance and Admin I wish you and your families the best over the Christmas period and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.